Welcome to TeamKids Gives Back

At TeamKids our core focus is to enrich children’s lives…not only through our school programs, but also through the actions we take as an organisation and as global citizens. Giving Back is part of the culture at TeamKids, we want to make an impact on people lives directly, and not just give to charitable organisations.

We are very excited and proud of our Buy 1 Give 1initiative that we know makes a real and genuine difference to children's lives locally and around the world.

Anyone who chooses to be part of the TeamKids family, whether you’re a parent, child, school or educator is indirectly part of helping us ‘give back’.TeamKids looks forward to continuing to do whatever it can to help improve and enrich the lives of every child it can, both here and abroad.

GiveBack Initiative - Buy 1, Give 1 (B1G1)

TeamKids has partnered with B1G1, a global giving initiative that helps organisations around the world give in meaningful ways.

What makes B1G1 an amazing initiative is that you don’t have to pay a cent, TeamKids automatically contributes to the fund, but we get your assistance to choose which projects are funded.

Some of our favourite projects provide water, food, and school books to children across the globe. See the projects TeamKids is currently funding below. For example:

  1. Simply booking a day with us may result in clean water being supplied to a child in Malawi for an entire week;
  2. A child wins a ‘Hero Values Badge’ in our before and after care may result in equipping a child’s school bag in Russia;
  3. Becoming the newest member of our awesome team as an educator, may help prevent blindness for a child in Kenya;
  4. Your school partnering with us may result in us to build a permanent well for a village in Vietnam.

To learn more about B1G1 and how it works, click here.


For every transaction you’ve made with TeamKids, an impact is being created.

B1G1 ties each project to at least one of the sustainable development goals, and tracks the impacts created in each category.