COVID-19 (Coronavirus) FAQs

Josh Bobbermen

Are the Winter Holiday Programs still going ahead?

TeamKids is operating our Holiday Program these school holidays. We have made a few necessary adjustments, but they will be just as AWESOME!

You can make bookings with us for our School Holiday Program and as long as you cancel outside of 24 hours of a session commencing you will not be charged for any bookings.

Our planning team are in the process of planning In-house and Incursion activities for the Winter School Holiday program.

Excursions – how are you controlling the general public transmitting to children?

TeamKids will not be running any excursions during the Winter Holiday Program. This decision is based on current recommendations and health advice regarding COVID-19 and ensuring we do all we can to protect children in our care and our staff during this time.

$5 late fee for bookings inside 7 days – we are concerned and don’t want to book just yet, however, if I wait, will the fee apply?

Vacation Care

Our $5 late fee for any bookings placed within 7 days of care commencing has been removed for our Holiday Program.

TeamKids now charges in arrears for all Holiday Programs. We encourage our families to book in and if you need to cancel, please ensure we are given 24 hrs notice before your program starts and we can cancel your care free of charge.

A parent or child have been diagnosed with COVID-19

Child (diagnosed)

Please ensure you advise TeamKids as soon you are advised of a confirmed diagnosis. This will ensure that TeamKids can take immediate action to follow the processes we have in place.
We will need to know when your child was confirmed.

Parent (diagnosed)

Please ensure you advise TeamKids as soon you are advised of a confirmed diagnosis. This will ensure that TeamKids can take immediate action to follow the process we have in place.

We will need to know when the parent was confirmed and when your last attendance at TeamKids venue was for drop off and/or pick up.

If a school is closed will TeamKids be operating?

If a school is closed due to a COVID-19 shutdown, TeamKids will also be closed during this time.

We will notify you via email and your bookings will be removed. TeamKids charges in arrears so you will not be charged for this cancellation of service.

When is a decision being made to close a venue?

As soon as we are informed, we will be contacting our families via email to advise and assist them in any way we can. If a school is closed, bookings will be cancelled, and no charge would apply for the closed dates. Please ensure we have the most up to date email address on your TeamKids account.

How will we be contacted?

Email – please ensure your TeamKids account has the most up to date email address.

If my venue has been closed, can I go to another TeamKids service?

Term time – No, you can’t attend another Before and After Care service.

Holiday Program – Yes this is possible. However, if the service has been closed due to a confirmed COVID-19 case. You will need to isolate for 14 days as per the instructions from DHHS.

If I cancel my booking, do I get a refund?

TeamKids now charges in arrears for ALL care types.

VAC – 24hrs notice is needed to cancel prior to start time, and no fee will apply.

B&A – 48hrs notice is needed to cancel prior to start time, and no fee will apply.

How are TeamKids monitoring people who are isolated? When are they allowed to come back and how is that monitored, do they have to have a doctor’s clearance?

If a staff member has been diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus, they are to self-isolate for 14 days from diagnosis.

Once 14 days have passed from a confirmed diagnosis, and staff do not have any symptoms, they can then attend at TeamKids.

If a child turns up with a runny nose or cough and feeling unwell, will TeamKids advise the parent they cannot attend?

TeamKids is committed to the health and safety of all children in our care. Children should not attend the program if they are feeling unwell or have a runny nose or cough and should remain at home until symptoms resolve. If your child becomes unwell at our venue, you will be contacted and request to take your child home. Please see the exclusion guidelines listed in our infectious disease policy.

I’ve recently travelled outside of Australia, can my child attend TeamKids?

Any person arriving into Australia from overseas as of Monday 16th March 2020 must self-isolate for 14 days, if your child has travelled, they would not be able to attend for 14 days. Once this has been completed, and your child has no symptoms they are welcome to attend TeamKids.

How are you cleaning the service before each day/session?

We uphold the highest standards when it comes to cleaning our venues and have stringent processes in place. All venues are cleaned prior to each session of care.
TeamKids staff have been trained in good personal hygiene and upholding good hygiene of the children in their care.

Hand Sanitiser and hand washing

Children and staff are being reminded to wash hands before and after they eat, after they go to the toilet and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing. Sanitizer is available as well, however, with stock diminishing, our first preference is to always use soap.

I haven’t worked for 2 weeks due to COVID-19 virus and been in isolation, I can’t pay for my care. Can I go on a payment plan?

Yes, this is not a problem, TeamKids is here to assist in any we can. You will need to contact the Customer Service team on 1300 035 000 ext 1 to arrange a payment plan.

Additional Child Care Subsidy (temporary financial hardship)

ACCS (temporary financial hardship) is available to provide short-term support to families experiencing a significantly reduced ability to pay child care fees, such as if the parent lost income due to being unable to attend work. Eligible families will receive a subsidy equal to the actual fee charged by the child care service, up to 120 per cent of the CCS hourly rate cap. In most cases, the full cost of child care will be covered. It can be accessed for up to 13 weeks and eligible families are entitled to up to 100 hours of subsidised child care per fortnight. Families will be required to provide supporting evidence of a substantial reduction in their ability to pay child care fees, such as an email from their employer.