What types of experiences are there for my kids to choose from at before and after school care?


All programs are designed around our value of ‘Fun’, where we incorporate the interests, needs and development of each individual child, to provide superior experiences. Our resources and daily experiences, cater for the inclusion of each child to provide an environment which is adventurous, creative, inquisitive and promotes each child’s learning and development.
We have enriching environments that are clean, well-resourced, vibrant and safe with a variety of zones, stations and play areas promoting choice. These are set up daily and include, construction, dress ups, imaginative play, music, chill out zones. Where space allows, we provide table tennis, air-hockey or Table soccer.
We have an abundance of sporting equipment for child to play with each day, ensuring there’s always a chance to kick the footy or play some great games with friends.

TeamKids has a variety of clubs provided daily, which provides your child with an opportunity to have fun, with engaging activities guaranteed to make them want to come back for more. Some of our clubs include, Cooking, Craft, Dancing, Sports, Yoga and many more. Join us at the end of each term where each club provides something special for all families.