When is my payment deducted from my bank account?

Josh Bobbermen

Before & After Care

Statements are sent on a Monday for the previous two weeks of care. This payment is processed, in arrears, on the Wednesday on a fortnightly basis.

Holiday Care

Statements are sent the Monday after each week’s attendance. Payment is processed, in arrears, each Wednesday for the previous weeks usage.

All payments to TeamKids are deducted via Ezidebit. You will incur Ezidebit processing fees charged by Ezidebit, which is an external payment provider. These fees and charges applied by Ezidebit are not charged by TeamKids.

Ezidebit fees are:

  • $0.77 cents per direct debit transaction
  • 1.77% per transaction for Visa/Mastercard (Minimum $0.77 cents per transaction)
  • If your payment is declined for your designated account, a $14.80 dishonour fee will be charged by Ezidebit, depending on the reason for the declined payment

Please see Ezidebit’s Financial Services guide for an explanation of its dishonour fees www.ezidebit.com

TeamKids reserve the right to cancel your booking if you have two consecutive failed payments.