6 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Library this Weekend

Josh Bobbermen Blog

When was the last time you visited your local library? If you’re an adult, it’s probably been a while since you borrowed books or needed to use a library computer for research. However, there’s so much to your local library you might not even know about. 

Here’s six reasons why you should visit your local library this weekend (and take the kids with you): 

1. You can put books on hold 

You don’t have to search the shelves every day, waiting for the book you want to read to become available. Simply use your library’s online catalogue system to search for the book you want and place it on hold using your membership details (if you’re not already a library member, you’ll need to sign up first). You can usually ask for the book to be sent to your closest library and you’ll get an email, text or phone call when it’s ready to collect. 

2. There’s story time sessions 

True, this one is more for the kids, but story time sessions are great fun for the young at heart as well. Not only will your children be entertained but you’ll also be introduced to some new books and authors. Session times will vary between libraries so do some research before you go. 

3. You can borrow e-books 

Libraries are about more than just physical books these days. You can also use your library membership to borrow e-books through a range of apps such as Libby or Overdrive (check with your library to see which apps they recommend). You can also borrow magazines and audiobooks in this format too.  

4. Magazines, DVDs and CDs 

You can borrow more than just books from your local library: they have magazines, DVDs and CDs too. Save money by borrowing your favourite magazines or reading them at the library instead of buying them. They’ll usually have a heap of back issues as well, so you can catch up on anything you’ve missed. 

5. Author talks and speciality groups 

Libraries regularly hold author talks and book launches which are usually free events. Check with your local library for a list of events that are coming up to see what interests you. There’s also a range of groups that meet regularly at libraries such as writing groups, craft groups, gardening enthusiast groups and many others. Find some likeminded people to socialise with who share your passions too.  

6. It’s air-conditioned 

We’re adding this one in because Summer is approaching and there’s only so many times you can go swimming. Libraries are cool places to hang out during the warmer months because they’re always air-conditioned. Relax in the cool while reading a book, catching up on the news or browsing through some magazines. There’s plenty for the kids to do too so you might even catch a little bit of peace. 

Libraries are amazing resources for children and adults alike. Head along to yours this weekend and find out just how wonderful they truly are.