Are you being a good friend?

Josh Bobbermen Uncategorized

Friendships are pivotal in our lives but they’re not always easy. Whether you’re an adult or a child, being a good friend is a skill which sometimes takes practice. But it’s definitely worth it!

You’ll know you’re being a good friend if you are:

Loyal and trustworthy

A good friend is someone who can be trusted, no matter what. You’re good at keeping secrets and helping to give advice on sensitive or delicate issues. You definitely don’t tell other people what your friend has told you in confidence. If there’s a problem though, you’ll find help for your friend without hesitation.

Checking in occasionally

As a good friend, you check-in on your friends, even when you’re super busy or far away from them. If you don’t get to see each other in person, you attempt to send regular messages or make phone calls to see how your friends are doing. You remember their birthdays and special occasions and let them know you are thinking of them during hard times.

Non-judgmental and supportive

A good friend never judges. You are a safe space for your friends to vent about their problems, and you help them unravel tricky dilemmas. You have an opinion about things, but you never thrust it on your friend. You understand that everyone is different, and you support your friends and their choices even if you don’t always agree with them.

Good company

You enjoy spending time with your friends and are fun to hang out with. Whether it’s watching a movie or heading out for a run, you’re keen to spend time with your buddies however you can. Having a common interest is often what brings friends together, but sometimes it’s about doing what your friend loves.

There when times are tough

If your friends are going through a tough time, you check-in more often to make sure they’re doing okay. You’re the first one there lending a shoulder to cry on or a reassuring hug when times are difficult. Even if they’re not ready to talk about what’s happening to them yet, they know you are ready and waiting for a long chat.

Being a good friend takes work. But it’s the kind of work that will leave you surrounded by a bunch of great mates who will be there for you throughout your life. What could be better than that?