How your Child Benefits from Attending Before and After School Care

Josh Bobbermen News

At Before and After School Care, children come together in enriching environments that are well-resourced, vibrant and fun. It’s only natural that children will benefit from the experience.

Here are some ways your child benefits from attending Before and After School Care:

Life skills

The learning doesn’t stop when children get to Before and After School Care, it simply continues in a different way. Children learn important life skills such as decision making, problem solving, empathy, resilience and communication. Through activities such as cooking, playing board games, creating art and craft or playing sport children will also learn how to solve problems and be creative thinkers – skills that are useful throughout life.

Sharing and being part of a group

It’s important for children to learn how to share and be part of a group. At Before and After School Care they do both of these things on a regular basis. Eating together as a group, deciding on activities or games, helping to plan the upcoming program and sharing the resources on offer are all ways in which additional learning takes place.


Learning to be responsible is a skill that takes time and plenty of practice. Children who attend Before and After School Care have to make their own way there in the afternoons (except for Prep students) together with all of their belongings. Once they’re there they might help out with younger children, assist to run an activity or game or help with packing away items and cleaning up. All of these tasks help children to understand the role of responsibility.

Having fun!

Of course, the main benefit of attending Before and After School Care is that it’s fun! The interests, needs and development of each individual child is incorporated into the program to provide superior experiences for children. It is an environment where they can be adventurous, creative and inquisitive in a safe setting. They get to spend time with their friends doing things they enjoy doing.

Attending OSHC has many benefits for children. It helps build life skills and confidence, extends on classroom learning and allows for the development of social skills too.