Stage a Fun Photoshoot with your Family

Josh Bobbermen Blog

There’s no better way to capture a moment in time than with a photograph. Most families, at some stage, will invest in a family photography session to create keepsake photos. If posing makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t worry: the best photography sessions are ones that are fun, unexpected and candid.   

Find a photographer who’ll let your family’s personality shine and follow these simple ideas for the most meaningful photographs: 

Wear whatever you’d like 

You don’t need to match, be colour coordinated or overly formal. Dress in clothes that make you feel comfortable and express your personality. Wear bright and bold colours. Maybe you could dress up as your favourite characters from a movie or book or put on your favourite team’s colours. Whatever makes you feel as ease and reflects who you truly are. 

Mix up the location 

Forget about sitting stiff and upright in a studio. Photography sessions can be done anywhere, and outside locations usually offer a better backdrop anyway. Head to the beach, go for a bush walk, utilise your own backyard or visit somewhere that is special to your family. Most photographers will allow you to pick your location and will be able to take amazing photographs wherever you choose to go. 

Tell a story 

Why not capture your family in all of its glory by telling a story with your photography session? Have the photographer record a family routine such as story time, bath time or games night. While children might grow up and your routines may change, you’ll have recorded these simple moments for all time. 

Use props 

Make your photography session fun by bringing along some props to help lighten the mood and create candid moments. You could bring novelty glasses, funny signs or hats. Or, if you prefer, bring along items that are meaningful for each family member. This could be a musical instrument, soccer ball, netball or book.  

Family photography sessions can be a great way to capture your family as they are right at this very moment. Make your session fun and candid for the best photographs you’ll treasure forever.