What Does a Day at Holiday Care Look Like?

Josh Bobbermen Blog

You’ve just dropped your child off for a fun day at holiday care, but what exactly are they going to be doing all day?

Here’s a breakdown of a typical holiday care day so you get an idea of what your child gets up to while you’re at work.

Waiting for everyone to arrive

The start of the day is for free play and waiting for all of the other kids to arrive. Your child might play board games, read, draw or simply chat to their friends during this morning time.

Today’s adventures revealed

From about 9am, the adventures begin. Holiday care staff will explain to the group what is going to be happening that day. If there’s an excursion, it’s typically now that the group will leave for this. Otherwise, it’s straight into some centre-based fun.

Morning tea

The fun stops to eat morning tea. Some holiday programs provide food for the children and others rely on you having packed a lunchbox for your child. Either way, morning tea is a good time to stop, refuel and mark the roll.

Activity time

The exact activities on offer will vary depending on the service. If there’s an incursion, it might happen now. If there’s a sports focus for the day, here’s where it might happen. The first of the planned activities typically takes place in this session and will vary from day to day depending on what has been programmed.

Lunch time

Everyone stops again to eat. It’s great for the kids to regroup and chat about how their morning has been so far. It’s also a good way to break the activities up in case groups need to rotate or staff need to set up something new. Staff generally mark the roll at this time to make sure everyone is where they’re supposed to be.

More activities

If it’s the middle of Summer, the activities in the afternoon session will be in shaded areas or inside. Maybe it’s making castles out of cardboard boxes, battling each other in charades or having a game of basketball. It could be a continuation of the morning activities or something new, depending on what the service has planned.

Afternoon tea

Everyone stops again to eat and mark the roll. Some services provide food for the children, but others require you to pack it. Afternoon tea typically marks the end of the scheduled activities for the day too.

Packing up and waiting to go home

Activity becomes a little quieter now as children start getting picked up by their parents and carers. Those that are staying on for a bit longer will be engaged in quieter, less messy activities like board games, cards, drawing or craft. They’ll also help to tidy up and get everything ready for tomorrow.

Then, it’s home time. You can see the day is full of fun activities and a little bit of structure too. No wonder your child is tired when they get home!