What To Do When Your OSHC Changes Providers

Josh Bobbermen Blog

It can be a daunting time when your regular OSHC changes providers. You should feel assured though that both your old provider and the new one will do everything they can to assure the transition is a smooth one. 

If you’re about to face a change in OSHC providers, here’s a few things you can do to prepare for it: 

Get to know the new staff 

Make sure you know some of the new staff members before the transition happens. It can be difficult to lose some OSHC employees you loved but don’t take it out on the new staff members. Introduce yourself and get to know them. They’re as eager to make a smooth transition as you are. 

Tell your child what is happening 

Explain to your child what’s happening so they don’t become scared or overwhelmed by the changes. Give them as much notice as possible so they can be ready for the transition when it comes. As long as they know a couple of the new staff members before the handover, nothing much should change for your child in the first week or so anyway. 

Find out about the new provider 

In most cases the new provider will provide information sessions and meet-and-greets for the families before they take over. Take the time to go to these sessions and ask any questions you have. Make sure you read all the documents you’re given so you understand any changes to procedures. 

Stay calm 

Changing OSHC providers can be difficult for everyone. You might not agree with the decision to change but you need to support it as best you can. Understand that these decisions are never made lightly, and everyone involved is doing the best they can to keep children and their families safe and happy. 

A change in OSHC provider is not always an easy time but if you stay calm, inform your child and get to know the new provider, you can help reduce some of the stress for you and your family.